Static in clean rooms

HAUG Ionization in the clean room and in sterile areas


HAUG Ionization in the clean room and in sterile areas

Discharge and cleaning of vessels, hollow injection needles and glass bottles before filling

Interior treatment:
Needle ionizer NI in 1 - 12x version – also for sterilization in autoclave
Exterior treatment:
Ionizing bars in any optional length – also for sterilization in autoclave

Discharge of weighing trays on laboratory scales

Electric field patterns falsify the weighing result.

By discharging the weighing tray using a U-shaped electrode, a correct result can be achieved.

Discharge of plastic, silicone and rubber parts in an oscillating conveyor or in conveying buckets

The vibrations of the oscillating conveyor result in a steady increase in the electrostatic charge and in the plastic parts sticking to each other or to the slide surfaces; they may even run over the edge.

The HAUG Delta blower DA TR ensures that the charge level remains low, eliminating any malfunctions.

Discharge and cleaning of packaging films or deep drawing films

Contact-free surface cleaning using the Statik-Air. The surface and any particles adhering due to electrostatic charges are discharged. The particles are whirled up and evacuated.


Discharge and cleaning of surfaces ready for printing

Electrostatic charges are a magnet for dust!
We therefore recomment blowing of plastic parts with ionized air before applying the paint.

Ionization in horizontal or vertical laminarflow

The high-performance bars EI VS enrich the laminar air flow with positive or negative ions.

Any existing or future charges are therefore removed or prevented from forming.

To avoid turbulences in the laminar air flow, we also offer HAUG ionizing bars is areodynamic shapes.

Air gate LS PLE


Ring ionizer RI

HAUG-Ionization systems are safe to touch and electromagnetically compatible. They can be constructed from stainless steel and PEEK for special requirements. For sterile areas, they are even available for sterillization in autoclaves.