Mobile Circle Cleaner

Aggressively blows away dust and debris.



The Mobile Circle Cleaner is a hand-held ionizing unit. It eliminates electrostatic charges and adhering dirt in one work process. The Mobile Circle Cleaner is particularly effective on textured surfaces. 

Principle of operation

The ions generated on the integrated ring electrode are efficiently distributed across surfaces, including uneven surfaces, due to the pulsating air jet of the rotating cleaning nozzle. The pulsating air jet has a higher cleaning effect compared with a steady air stream. This ensures that even textured surfaces are discharged and cleaned efficiently. The rotating cleaning nozzle is located in the centre of the ring electrode.

Application examples

  • Film and foil processing
  • Construction of measuring equipment and switchgear
  • Screen and pad printing processes
  • Paint shops

A HAUG discharging power pack is connected to the Mobile Circle Cleaner supplying the high voltage to the integrated ring electrode of the.


The ring electrode of the Mobile Circle Cleaner is safe to touch when used properly. An edge protection prevents damage to the surface to be cleaned in the event of inadvertent contact with the Mobile Circle Cleaner.

The ergonomically shaped grip ensures that the Mobile Circle Cleaner can be handled convenientlyThe air stream is regulated using the trigger. The handle can be equipped with a plug connector for a single-hand compressed air coupling.


  • Quick commissioning with no installation required:
  1. osimply connect the compressed and high-voltage supplies
  • Straightforward handling:
  1. oergonomically shaped
  2. oloop for hanging up
  • Replaceable nozzles
  • Precisely adjustable air volume
Technical data *  
Type: MCC
Order-No.:  040.830.000
Compressed air 
8 bar max.
Nozzle: 6 full jet nozzles Ø 1 mm 
  controlled rotation speed (800 rpm.)
Compressed Air 
min. 4 bar ~ 247 Nl/min
 max. 8 bar ~ 408 Nl/min
Weight: 870 g (incl. 0,5 m HV-cable without 
compressed air hose)
Operating temperature: +5 °C  to  +45 °C
-15 °C  to  +60 °C

*)Subject to technical changes! 

HV-cable, 2 meters Order-No.: 06.0241.000
Compressed air hose, 
per meter
Order-No.: X-6614