Ion Fan

Modular Ion fan Anti Static Blower sytem




This air-assisted ionising system consists of the ionizing blower Ion Fan and the related power pack EN Ion Fan. There is no need of compressed air for this air assisted ionising system.

  • -  There are 3 different standard lengths of the Ion Fan blower modules (simple, double and quadruple). All other blower lengths are built up from these modules. Up to 8 fans per module are possible.

  • -  The Ion Fans can be connected together one after another. Ion Fans, up to 8 fans can be connected to one power pack EN Ion Fan.

  • -  The speed of the fans can be regulated by a potentiometer on the power pack EN Ion Fan. The voltage for the fans ranges between 19 V and 25 V. Therefore there are no special requirements in terms of safety with mains voltage.

  • -  The type of the high voltage power supply in the EN Ion Fan is the EN 8 LC. Therefore up to 18 m bar and cable load can be connected.

  • -  An occurring high voltage fault will be indicated by a blinking LED on the power pack EN Ion Fan.

  • -  The signaling cable K8 connects the Ion Fans with the power pack and the Ion Fans among each other. 

Technical data:
Ion Fan double: Length 406 mm Ion Fan quadruple: Length 806 mm Width x Height: 4 mm x 16 mm

Order number: 04.0372.000 (double) Order number: 04.0374.000 (quadruple)

Power pack EN Ion Fan:
Input voltage: 230 V / 115 V, 50-60Hz Cabinet dimensions:
Length x Depth x Height: 245 x 130 x 230 mm

Order number: 01.7802.000 (230 V)