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We provide Industrial Static ,Static Measurement , web cleaning Equipment. Industrial static control equipment in the textile, film, pharmaceutical, medical device, and packaging.


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2012-10 Ionizing bar EI W Air presented

EI-W-Air news picAt FAKUMA exhibition we presented the ionizing bar EI W Air. This combines high discharge power with excellent mechanical stability. In addition, the use of compressed air expandes the effective range. The modular design ensures a easy and fast replacement of the injection electrode.


The EI W Air is an evolution of the EI W. Both ionizing bars  emits the ions via resistors. Thus they offer high power reserves. The EI W Air now offers air support and increases the range of the ion extraction up to 100 mm.

New Products for Static Control

VS Nut Anti Static Bar with High Performance Ionization offer a T slot for easy mounting. 


DC Ionizing Nozzles

DC Jet Pic.png

Mobile Ionizing Circle Cleaner


Accu-Jet Battery Operated Ionizing Gun.


Ion Fan and Power Pack Ion Fan





Haug Static Control Solutions 

At Haug, we are committed to providing each and every customer with unsurpassed application planning and assistance, high-quality state-of-the-art static control and "Static Elimination" and "Static Charging" or Pinning products that meet or exceed industry standards, and the highest level of technical support, service for ionization and "static control" components, systems and equipment used for static control in all industrial application.

Since its founding in 1957, Haug has established an excellent reputation for excellence in the static control industry. Our extensive static elimination and static charging product line and worldwide distribution network assures our customers of fast and convenient availability of exactly the right products for each and every application.

The industries we service include textile, paper, film, plastics, dust removal, pharmaceutical, electronic, injection molding, medical device, packaging just to name a few.

Serving both Industrial and high tech industries, our products include anti static bar, static eliminator,Static Neutralizing bar,static Bars, Power Supplies, Static Blowers, Air Guns, Nozzles, static Charging, Sheet, Part, and Web Cleaners, Industrial "Dust Removal" Equipment, systems for clean rooms, static measurement, devices and meters